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How we can see the Nasca Lines? Print

Tourists and citizen have many options to see the Nasca lines:

  • Flight over them in planes . It takes 30 minutes and the cost is around $50. You can see more than 12 figures that include:
    1. The Whale
    2. The trapezes/li>
    3. The Astronaut
    4. The monkey
    5. The dog/li>
    6. The condor
    7. The spider
    8. The hummingbird
    9. The Gannet
    10. The parrot
    11. The tree
    12. The hands
  • Using the viewpoints. There are five viewpoints, three are naturals and two are prepared, from those , we can see many of the enigmatic figures. This is an economic alternative (less than US $1.00) especially for those that are scared to the airplanes of don't have the possibility to pay a flight. Among the most demanded viewpoints, we can mention one that is located in the district of Llipata where has been built a steel tower whose platforms measures 35 meter (altitude) that allowing to see around 10 figures. A natural viewpoint is located in the kilometer 46, next to the Panamericana Sur highway where the visitants can see figures such as the hand and the spider.