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Cantalloc aqueducts Print

They are located 4km from the city of Nasca (15 minutes), these aqueducts are still working today. This work shows their advances in hydraulic engineer, which means a big physical effort, technique and organization of their "hydraulic engineer".

They built more that 40 aqueducts, that were cleaned using constructions called eye of water (puquios), in order to have water all the year and to develop a solid agriculture.

Among other aqueducts we can mention: Anglia, Ocongalla, López, Pangaraví, Ocaña, Matara, Uchulla, Tejeje, Bisambra, Aja, Curve, Llícuas, Soisnaguito, Copara and the Achirana.

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They used slabs and trunks of huarango wood to make the aqueducts that have resisted the pass of the centuries. First they dug many wells that were located 20 or 50 meters one from the other, until they found the water-bearing layer, then they connected it with other subterranean channels. This system filtered the water from the subsoil and carried toward the water reservoirs that irrigated the valleys.


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