Tale of the Guadalupe virgin Print

Virgen de GuadalupeSince the year 1810, in which was found the Sacred image of the Guadalupe virgin, patron of Nasca, the catholic sons of this province celebrate in her honor the traditional holidays since august 29 to September 10 every year. The central day is September 08, in that day the holy mother Guadalupe goes in procession  visiting the main streets of the city. This festivity has been made without interruption by the parishioner of this province from generation to generation.

The story started  many years ago with the arrive of some news  in the Village of Nasca (now province), that in the beaches of the San Nicolas Bay,  a wool box was found beached by the sea. It had the image of the Guadalupe virgin, the Spanish.(different from the Guadalupe virgin, "virgin morena" which is in Mexico).It is supposed  that was part of a shipment of a Spanish galleon that probably  run aground in open sea.

This  finding  was  made by a  peasant called “Miguelin”  in San Nicolas in the year 1810. In that time, the news was spread to the nears localities  like Yauca, Acari, Palpa, Ica and Pisco. They organized groups of expedition to bring the precious piece to their cities. However, the tradition tells that it was a divine aim  that everyone failed because of inexplicable facts like the mule that pulled the chariot with  the load  didn't want to move like if t they were stick to the soil, in others, the donkeys feel so tired that it was impossible to lift. Moreover, a expeditionary group  could not go to the  town with the  load because  strong winds (paracas) that prevented them to continue, they were afraid to get lost in the road, so they left the virgin in the place  were was found.
These and other obstacles made to understand that the image was not for them.

In the main square of  the Nasca village, in that time was surrounded by some housed, "ranchos", the main chapel and the  gubernator house. The citizens met in that house to ask for the creation of an expedition which was commanded by the minister Fray Sotil (Hermits order), who   asked  to the settlers to get the best  beasts of burden to bring the venerated virgin, if that were the divine will.

The entourage arrived to the place where was the  sacred image, a clear and calm day, with good weather and according to the settlers, during  the return, they did not have any problem. What is more, the load was light and the mules wanted to arrive as soon as possible to the elected place.

There was some uncertainty  during some days among the villagers, they believed that the sacred image had been brought to other town, but it was a  great surprise when the minister Fray Sotil told them that soon the virgin would be in the Nasca village and that it would need an altar in the chapel.

With the ringing of the bells and enthusiastic cheering, the committee was received in the greater place of  the Nasca Village, they had a box with the holy virgin and the  mule bend its legs and down in a place  far away from the main chapel, that episode was taken as an warning to build there a temple for her veneration. Therefore, the temple was built in front of the  town square and was destroyed due to the earthquake in 1941.

Actually in the main church (built with cement and modern architecture) is  the sacred image of our patron of Nasca: The Blessed virgin of Guadalupe.