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Why Nasca? Print E-mail

Origin of the name Nasca (Etymology)

The origin of the name Nasca may come from:

  • Nanascca, "sore or tormented” (past participle of the verb Nanay)
  • Añasca, “Land of skunks”
  • Nasqa, that in the quechua dictionary is mentioned as “Peruvian town  put under the prince Ruka, son of Qhapax Yupanqui Inka" 

Nasca or Nazca?

Nasca should be write with S because the Z didn't exist in the Peruvian language until the arrive of the Spanish. That is why, it is not correct to write with Z the name of place or Peruvian cultures of the Inca or pre Inca times (pre–Hispanics).